A “root canal” is a procedure that extracts the pulp (nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue) from a tooth. The pulp is the space inside a tooth that contains the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. The procedure involves removing the pulp, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. 

When a tooth is cracked or fractured, it can lead to a bacterial infection inside the tooth. This infection can cause swelling, pain, and sensitivity. If left untreated, the condition can cause the tooth to die. A root canal can save a tooth from needing to be extracted. 

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

When your tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue and infect it. This infection can cause inflammation, pain, and pressure that can result in an abscessed tooth. Your endodontist will perform root canal treatment to clean out the infection and remove the damaged tissue.

Symptoms Of Root Canal Infection

The following signs and symptoms may indicate that root canal treatment is needed:

  • Persistent pain
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swollen gums
  • Pain when you eat or touch the tooth
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Tooth mobility - loose teeth

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can relieve toothache, resolve the issue of a damaged tooth, and prevent the spread of infection. Its major benefits are as follows:

  • Prevents the need for tooth extraction
  • Preserves teeth for years
  • Prevents infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth
  • Restores tooth function
  • Saves you from pain and discomfort
  • Saves you from expensive dental costs for tooth restoration in the future

One-visit Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment can be an effective solution to stop tooth pain and restore a tooth to its normal function. Root canal treatment is generally no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling, and with advances in dental technology, it can be completed in one visit. During your root canal procedure, our Central dentist relies on modern dental technology such as rotary root canal instruments, higher dental magnification, and more precise dental techniques to ensure the highest level of patient comfort and safety.

The root canal treatment procedure involves making an opening in the top of the tooth. Then, the inflamed or infected tissue is removed, and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. A temporary filling may be placed in the tooth until the permanent restoration, a dental crown, can be placed. A dental crown covers and protects the tooth from future damage.

Unlike the past times when typically two dental appointments were needed for a root canal procedure, the advancements in dentistry allow single-visit endodontics, saving time and money for the patient. During a single-visit root canal treatment procedure, all steps - cleaning, shaping, disinfection, and filling of root canals are performed at the same dental visit.

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