A dental filling is a restorative dental treatment that involves removing decay from a tooth and filling that space with a material such as composite resin, gold, or porcelain. By removing the decay, a filling prevents more decay from affecting the tooth.

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities. When a tooth decays, the entire tooth structure can become damaged. This weakened tooth structure allows bacteria to enter and infect the tooth. If left untreated, a cavity can eventually lead to tooth loss. Dental fillings are also used to treat chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth. They seal the tooth, preventing further damage.

What Is A Dental Filling Procedure?

First, the dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding gums with a local anesthetic. Then, the dentist will remove any tooth decay or cavity from the tooth. Once removed, the dentist will apply a tooth-colored composite resin material to the tooth. This material will harden and bond to the tooth. The dentist will shape the composite resin material to perfectly match the surrounding teeth. Once finished, the dentist will apply a dental sealant to the tooth. This sealant will help prevent future decay and cavities.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are several different types of dental fillings. Each type of filling offers unique benefits. You and your dentist can discuss which type of filling is right for you.

  • Silver amalgam fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are a common type of filling material used to fill cavities. A dentist drills out the decayed portion of the tooth and then fills the cavity with this silvery metal material. Although they look unsightly, silver amalgam fillings are strong and durable. They’re safe to use in back teeth that withstand a lot of pressure.

  • Gold fillings

Many people prefer gold fillings because they are strong and do not corrode as quickly as amalgam fillings. They can last a long time but may be removed if necessary.

  • Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin material that can be closely matched to the natural shade of your teeth. This material can be custom-tinted to match your exact tooth color.

  • Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings can fix teeth that have had cavities, are broken, or have been worn down from grinding and age. Porcelain fillings can be placed in the front of the mouth or the back teeth and are a cosmetic alternative to composite fillings.

Advantages Of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a quick and painless way to repair a cavity. This procedure can be completed in one or two dental visits and will last many years with proper oral hygiene.

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